Celebrating Vocational Month by: Dir. Cora Ocampo

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The Rotary Club of Baguio celebrated the Vocational Month of October with an awarding ceremony held last 27 October 2012 at the Training Center, Baguio Country Club. The yearly event is done to acknowledge the commendable performance of individuals, community, private and public organizations in Baguio City.

This year’s theme was “CELEBRATING BEST EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES” and the club awarded 3 institutions and 2 individuals in recognition and appreciation of their contributions towards employment of persons with disabilities and the effort of the individual with disabilities to dedicate herself/himself towards professional development.

The Vocational Committee chaired by Rtn. Naas Demyttenaere spent months searching for deserving awardees and finally came with with the following Awardees for 2012:

1. Autism Society Philippines, Baguio Chapter, a group that provides workshops, trainings and literacy programs that enhances the potentials of children and adults with autism
2. VISMAR Massage, an establishment run by a group of visually impaired individuals offering massage services

3. Bay-Sports Manufacturing Inc. owned by Ludwig Bay, who has been employing hearing impaired workers since 1999

4. Mrs Lourdes Tomad Biag, a business woman struck with polio at a young age who, through hard work, perseverance and frugality, was able to own 2 taxis, 3 jeepneys and a small retail store as a means of livelihood for her family

5. John Lacbaoan Paredes, a visually impaired instructor at the Saint Louis University School of Teacher Education


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