“About Intrepid and Industrious Rotarians, red fire engine trucks and pedestrian Overpasses” written by PP Chris Peralta

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When my beloved Rotary Club of Baguio comes up with something new in the club, it most likely will catch my interest, attention and participation. Our Service to Community needs new and different projects to sustain the enthusiasm of our members, and this “Adopt an Overpass Project” is one of them, I feel.
This “Adopt an Overpass Project” seemingly came quite as a surprise, only discreetly announced via a text message. Club Secretary Baby Kaur, dutifully sent a text a day before the holding of the event, encouraging all to join in on the cleaning of our adopted overpass at the Magsagsay Ave, Abanao Street, Harrison Road intersection. Then, the following day during our regular rotary meeting, Rtn Glenn Flores again repeated the call for club participation from the podium, saying as a matter of fact, that we already had something like a hundred people signed up to help out in cleaning the said overpass. And so this is when I said “okay, count Maya and me in”, just because it was something that we have not really done before. Indeed the kid somewhere still in me RE-AWOKE, reminiscing and remembering the times during childhood when playing and wading in water and getting wet to getting fully soaked, was a whole lot of FUN.
President Libby Fernandez was at her busiest, because she did her utmost best to go from one group of volunteers to another, encouraging them on and thanking them for pitching in, in this endeavor organized by the club. And by no means it was a small task because we were doing the whole length of the G-shaped overpass. But a big task always becomes lighter and much more manageable with everyone offering a helping hand, and towards this end, the likes of the Sunshine Volunteer Fire Brigade truck of the delRosarios were there, our own Baguio City Fire Protection brought in their big red fire engine truck, to supply all the needed water to wash away the grim and dirt of the overpass. Recognition also has to go to enthusiastic rotarian couple Mark and Gail Flores who brought in pressure pump sprayers and their own kasama, Rtns Peter Wasing and Karl Flores who brought over a complete cleaning retinue from their respective barangays, the triumvirate of Jun, Baby and Lani who gathered a half a dozen young people who turned out to be Interactors of Baguio City High School, Science section, classmates of Rtn Jun Bondoc’s kids. Baby and company also brought in all the brushes with handle, Zonrox disinfectant, powdered soap and scrubs, tabo, pails and pansit merienda with juice for everyone. We were also given a huge box of Burger MacDo with the violet colored printed wrappers coming from MacDonald’s Hotel Veniz. Another big group were the Rotaractors and Barangay Lucnab officers who came in with Marticio Paguli in one long jeepney. Rtn Jun Cardona, Fery Malit and her painting contractor brother Dick Malit, EIC Marcel Badua and Rtn Gary Lo Ang were present, Rtn Glenn Flores came complete with scaffolding, heavy duty generators to run the spotlights, and his very own working crew providing the muscle and manpower needs. PE Uwe, PP Bert Talco, PP Mike Pearson along with daughter Gabby Pearson, VP Chris Faelnar with son Ico Faelnar in toe, Maya and yours truly were all busy (is this the truth????) doing their share of the cleaning, or maybe to put it more correctly, doing their share of the playing!!! Well, to end this all, I guess if there was no fun in it, then we wouldn’t even be there at all. A bientot!

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