Ready For Public Debut

Our website is now ready for presentation to our members. Meanwhile, I want to let everyone know, that yesterday was just as challenging as the previous one. It was a plugin-hunting challenge for me as I searched the web for the WordPress utilities that would do the “magic” required to format and generate the necessary elements.

At last I found it! I cannot get too technical on this but simply want to document that the Members page needed a table format facility; see how the list can be sorted on any column. Add to this the possibility of doing a search for any name, classification or even the RI code. For example: a search for “doming” will bring forth PP Doming’s information. Try it…

The Contact page is also a plugin-generated area. Note (below the page) that we have two special web addresses, namely: and All emails sent to both addresses will be forwarded accordingly. From all this, my message is simply– that WordPress is so powerful and feature/plugin rich that we can do almost anything we want with it!

Our front page contains another special plugin. The Nivo Slider has been used for the three areas which make possible the animation of the transition from one image to another. Notice that the portraits show all of our RCB members plus most of the spouses– with the message: “We, the Rotarians of RCB and our spouses welcome you.” I trust that many will like the contents of our main page and smile every time they catch a glimpse of their likeness on the display. Still on the images, it might interest you to know that all of the the three sliders are interactive. You can actually select from among the dots below each area and search for someone. Example: Pres. Flo can be displayed on the upper group, by clicking on the third dot. PRO-Dir. Gigi can be displayed on the middle group, by clicking on the first dot. PP Mike will be interested to know that RA Pres. Mina, is on the lowest group; click on the first dot. Enjoy!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Cañao subpages contain the complete anthology of our official club bulletin–at least for the three Rotary Years (2005 to 2008) during the presidential terms of PP Mike Pearson, PP Gerard Audineau, and yours truly. I found it interesting that there were a record 49 issues of the Cañao in RY2007-2008; an interesting phenomenon because that is just 3 issues short of the 52 maximum number for the year (” ,). This became possible because issues were released even if there were no meetings on certain dates.

One challenge we now face is for the past EICs to produce the anthology of Cañaos during the years after 2008. My hope is that the data are intact or at least can be re-constructed for our current purposes. While we were on it, issues of our club bulletin were emailed to our members on the Monday after the meeting (when the hard copy was released). I was deeply disappointed when the procedure we instituted was discontinued. My respectful suggestion is that we bring back the previous system. In this way, even our former RCB members (particularly those abroad), can still keep themselves abreast with what is going on with the club.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To finish off this post, allow me to report that user accounts have been created for all nominated Editors and Authors. I have also informed Pres. Flo about our website. She said she will do an official “unveiling” of this domain during our next Saturday Meeting.

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