RCBaguio Domain is Eleven Years Old

Surprise, surprise! Incredible as it may be, our domain name is now eleven years old. Not wanting to be accused of unfounded claims, let me show you the evidence…

RCBaguio domain now eleven years old

Market Samurai SEO Competition Report.

Above is a “grab” from the software that I use for my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. Initially, I suspected something was wrong with the given data. But upon further investigation, I was able to establish the veracity of the age information.

Having been given an excellent lead, I took the initiative of tracking down how the site looked like when it started. At present time, I will not “spill the beans” on how it is done–getting historical “grabs” of websites. Just note that it is possible…

My option is to show you two choice pages of our domain from over a decade ago.

Domain in 2001.

Our website in October 2001.


The image below was taken a few months before the temporary closure of the website…

Website in 2002.

What it looked like in December 2002.


In behalf of the club, allow me to thank our former Rotarian Jurgen Meyer for instituting the original domain and taking the initiative of being our first Webmaster.



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