One Week After

The site has remained untouched; nothing has changed from what it looked like since I left one week ago. I must say I am really disappointed. It looks like I am on my own…So I roll up my sleeves and go to work.

After being on it for almost ten hours straight, I have been able to “encode” most of the site contents from our Member’s Handbook. Almost all the contents for About, History, and Members were “cut-and-pasted” from our handbook.The next challenge is to properly format the text and put in other elements such as appropriate images. Am at a loss on how to do the Members list, in order to make it presentable; with columns that align properly. This is turning out to be more than I bargained for.

While all this is happening, I also need to contend with the site colors, and layout. One of my earliest and easiest decision was to have a link to our Rotary Club of Baguio- page in Facebook. Because of its strength and drawing potential, such social plugins are now a mainstay in almost all leading websites. Indeed, Facebook has become indispensable. Producing this was easy because all I needed to do is replicate the code from my other sites which already had such a features.

Lunch came, dinner came; my work persisted continually.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It is now almost midnight as I now begin to feel just how tired I am. I now have to retire to take my “beauty rest.” Today has been rewarding because I have proven that I still have the perseverance to complete a task that require the “patience of Job.”

Today was a BIG Rotary day for me! Too bad I cannot claim this as an official makeup (“,).

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  1. avatar PP Veeh says:

    Ha ha ha! PP Raffy, patience, they say, is a virtue. So now I baptize you “VIRTUOUS RAFFY.”

    If only I’m as gifted as you are, I’d be more than willing to actively help you.

    But if you’re really that patient, then perhaps you’d find enough time to teach an old horse like me? He he!

    • avatar PP Raffy says:

      PP Veeh, you were actually the first RCB member on my mind; second was PP Doming as site Authors/Editors… And others, including Dir. Gigi, Pres. Flo, and more. Yes, I will willingly make time to tutor our members who will ask for my help. This is actually exactly my vision for this/our site– that it becomes a forum for Rotarians to have a public voice. The great thing about doing it (here) is that it will become an almost permanent record which we can always go back to.

      You and the others who participate later, are (and will be) the answer to my prayers.

      I thankfully accept my new name as “Virtuous Raffy.” Having been called so many other names (in anger) in the past, this one is certainly most welcome!

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