Making Initial Progress

A day after instituting the website, trial themes for the site have been experimented with. FYI: themes are what give websites their unique look and feel; my challenge is to find one that will fit our purpose. For sure, the choice will not be one of those free-complimentary themes. I remain undecided which among the available themes i should select. Under consideration are the following purchased options: Squeeze Theme, Sales Page Theme, or the Catalyst Theme. The latter seems to be the strongest contender because the initial two will not fit this site. After all, my aim is to make it a distinctive one.

There is also the matter of what to publish herein. So far, it is only the default–Hello World post that is on site. It has been edited to contain my welcome message. Over and over, I have gone back and forth the said post; editing text every time I return to it. At the rate I am going, it will take me several months to get this website to have enough content for visitors to appreciate it as one worth visiting. I need to get this thing together–very soon…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After receiving his username and password (as Administrator of this website), Marcel has just put in a tailor-made theme for our site which he called as RCB theme. It will do for starters as a take-off look. More critical now is what the domain will contain. Most probably, this will be up to me (at least in the beginning).

Sometimes I place myself in challenging situations because of what I say and do… as in the creation of this site. But i look at challenges as the spice of life. If you are like me, you do enjoy challenges because they are the “adrenalin rush” which keeps your circulation going. Much like good, old marijuana which gave us the “high” during our younger days.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After mulling it over, I have created several pages and sub-pages; these have resulted into the menu-structure for the site. Our domain is now beginning to take shape. So far, I have the main items of: About, History, Members, and Canao. Maybe I should label it as The Cañao–to call attention to the fact that it is not just one of those day-to-day celebrations which happen in Benguet; but something which is special to us. Submenus will become necessary for (maybe) all main menu headings, maybe except Members which will be just a tabulation of our RCB roster with classifications.

As I need to leave tomorrow to attend the Architects’ Convention at the MOA (Mall of Asia) in Manila, I  will request Marcel to help me put in the contents of our initial pages. Most of it will be cut-and-paste from our Member’s Handbook. What I will do, within the hour, is to email Marcel the semi-final PDF of the RCB Member’s Handbook-Fifth Edition. This will be the sourcebook for many potions of this website.

By the time I get back (next week) the site should no longer be that empty…


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  1. avatar PP Veeh says:

    PP Raffy, the above “reminishings” may have been written at different dates. Perhaps it’s nice to place the date /time you’ve written these blogs? I don’t see a date kasi e– (pardon my ignorance “-) )

    • avatar PP Raffy says:

      PP Veeh, for the sake of simplicity (as I am unable to reconstruct the dates already), just think of this post as one written on the day of its publication but which had “visions” of the past and future.

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