Hello World!

It is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you to the online presence of the Rotary Club of Baguio (RCBaguio). The mother club of Rotary International District 3790 in the Philippines.

After months (of me) talking about it, I have finally decided to put my money where my mouth is and just go ahead with it: bought the domain name and set up WordPress on it.  This site went online last Monday, 16 April 2012; it is hosted in my account (US-based)– together with my other QuidErgo domains. Kindly note that prefixing our domain name with a www ( is no longer necessary; although such will still work. We can look forward to a respectable speed from the servers which are located in the states. As you would know, setting up, designing and maintaining a website takes some know-how and demands commitment of time/treasure/talent. I have been blessed with the background and some of the requisites; so I think of this website as another way of giving back to the Universe. As PP Lito Pangilinan puts it: rental payment for Life’s Blessings.

New/returning Rotarian Marcel Badua has been invited to take up the challenge of working with me in further development of this website. After taking over where I left-off as RCB Canao producer-honcho, both of us will now embark on our next round of extended RCB commitment within these pages. Our vision is for it to become a distinctive domain: well-crafted and professionally undertaken. Those who know me well should anticipate manifestation/s of my penchant for… perfection; although the achievement of the same can at times be simply a personal contention (“,).

RCB PRO-Director Gigi Maranan is the only RCB member who has been (as of this writing) granted the inside-information that this website is now active. President Flo Bayquen should be pleasantly surprised when she is eventually told; our apologies for the delayed notice. I did not want visitors pouring in early just to find an empty site. Meanwhile…

This website remains under construction.

Come back again soon.


PP Raffy Chan
RCB President, RY 2007-2008

This first post has been edited/renamed a number of times, even copied and moved to another page as development of this site progressed.


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