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My dream for this domain is to see it become a forum for our members to express themselves particularly– on Rotary matters. Historically, blogs were instituted to convey the personal musings of an individual; particularly on a specific topic of interest. Today, even companies maintain weblogs as a means of generating interest for their domains. Blogging has metamorphosed into an agenda shared by groups and individuals alike.

This was the exact reason why I invited certain members of RCBaguio as “Users” of our site. Allow me to explain my vision on how we will make this happen. This site has been constructed using WordPress, the leading open-source Content Management System (CMS). It is the application that runs, the websites of important companies such as: Time, WSJ, MTV-Newsroom, Ford, and even CNN. This makes possible, for the site to be edited by any of our Users. No matter where in the world they are, they simply login with their username and password; and publish their story on our website.

But of course, there is the matter of teaching our RCB participants to ably use the system–the blog agenda. The intention is to have a team of Rotarians who will be helping with the management of this site. In my mind, the learning curve (for our RCB Users) will be relatively short. This is because all they need to contend with are the most basic items only; just enough to be able to do what is required.  One tutoring session with me is all that will be necessary. After all, RCB is the abode of many brilliant Rotarians.

Through this post, I encourage all those initially invited. All of them have already received a notification email containing their “keys” to the RCBaguio website. Meanwhile, I must tell you that I want only those who are willing to do the work (no matter what it is…) and not say: “I don’t encode!” or something similar because they refuse to do involved/challenging work. Rotary is a volunteer organization, and those who are unwilling to sincerely surrender to the tasks will be relegated to the sidelines.

By the time we have the right number of people sincere enough to participate, we should have reached a plateau (of sorts) within our domain, where almost everything will be on autopilot. I gaze into the sunset… and hope it comes very soon.

Members of the club are encouraged to report typos, errors or omissions they discover on our site.

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  1. avatar PP Veeh says:

    Superb job, PP Raffy, as usual.

    The question is, will this website be for exclusive use of RCB members alone? Or would you allow our friends (like our previous RCB members or other Rotarian friends) to access it?

    • avatar PP Raffy says:

      PP Veeh, we can allow special friends to participate. In fact, it will be excellent if they do. Our former Rotarians, particularly those abroad, will give our site “additional flavor” which would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

      Upon explicit email request that they be given “keys” to the site, certain portals will be opened to them. BTW, anyone interested can actually register as Subscriber to this site.

  2. avatar Rtn. Gary says:

    Thanks, PP Raffy. This website is a masterpiece from the heart! More than passion, commitment, service above self– indeed this endeavor which you have created for us, members of RCBaguio. Kudos to you! More Blessings & Happiness…

    • avatar PP Raffy says:

      Thank you likewise, Gary. My hope is that many more of our RCB members use (this) our website to harness its potential as a medium for making the public more aware of who we (RCBaguio) are and understanding what we do as a club. And likewise to more expeditiously manage our club activities.

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