The RCB Hymn

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The RCB Diamond Jubilee Logo

The RCB Diamond Jubilee Logo

In line with the celebration of the seventy-fifth charter anniversary of the Rotary Club of Baguio, a commemorative hymn was commissioned and produced. The hymn made its public debut as it was sung by the members of our club during our Diamond Jubilee Night on 23 February 2013. A void (the absence of our very own club song) was finally filled…

The lyrics of the hymn are published here for better appreciation of our commitment, every time we sing it.


The Force of Goodwill
Composed By: Dr. Dennis Flores

We have been summoned by God’s loving call
To follow a great, self-less road
To serve, heart and mind, every trial, stand tall
Unburden a man’s heavy load…

Trained to examine the gifts of the past
Consider the present we bear
To aim for the best of the future we must
Broaden our minds as we care…

We are the force built on Goodwill and Service
Love friend or foe, we embrace this demand
Called to be brave through life’s burning furnace
Rotary Club of Baguio, we stand

The Truth, all actions must certainly yield
To all of our mankind, be fair
For Goodwill and Friendships we constantly build
Forever God’s Goodness we share…

(Repeat Chorus twice)

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