Secretary’s Report – 26 May 2012


Happy Birthday!
RAPP Tess Dulnoan – May 26
RA Ana Rondez – May 27

Happy Wedding Anniversary!
Rtn Angie & RAPP Coring Visperas – May 26
PP Teop & RA Ana Rondez – May 27
Dir Gigi & RS Nap Maranan – May 28


Rotary Anns/Spouses present during the May 19 meeting:
RAIPP Cely Ladilad, RA Asst Treas Sally Koeller

Rotakids/Apos present during the May 19 meeting:
RK Kitz Laranang

Guest/s present during the May 19 meeting:

Arthur Farinas – guest of Rtn Mariver Agayas, Pete Dimaculangan – guest of PP Benny Sunga

We missed you last May 19 meeting:
Rtn Rudy Acop, Rtn Jody Alabanza (exc), PP Gerard Audineau (ol), Rtn Em Badua, Rtn Jun Bahul, PP Mia Cawed, Rtn Michel Crausaz, Rtn Quinn Dahilan, Dir Chris Faelnar (mu), Rtn Glen Flores, Rtn Karl Flores, PP Alfred Laygo, Rtn Gary Lo Ang (mu), Dir Gigi Maranan (mu), PP Roger Naz (exc), Dir Cora Ocampo, Rtn Rob Ocampo, PP Angeling Palma (exc), PP Chris Peralta, Treas David Rees (ol), Rtn Yam Rodriguez (mu), PP Helmut Schlaaff (ol), Rtn Jen Soriano, Rtn Joe Ursua (mu), PP Doming Valencia (exc), Rtn Dhory Vicencio (mu), Rtn Peter Wasing, DGN Linda Winter (mu) & PP Johnny Zarate (exc)


May 19        Operation Tuli at Brgy Lucnab attended by Rtn Mariver Agayas, PP Veeh Balajo, Pres Flo Bayquen, PP Diony Claridad, Rtn Lily Landayan, Rtn Gary Lo Ang, PP Bert Talco & Rtn Joe Ursua

May 19        Emergency Board Meeting presided by Pres Flo Bayquen and attended by Dir Marilyn Barredo, PP Veeh Balajo, PE Libby Fernandez, PN Uwe Koeller, IPP Ben Ladilad, Sec Atom Mendalla, PP Mike Pearson & PP Teop Rondez

May 19        Cluster Dance Practice attended by Dir Marilyn Barredo, Pres Flo Bayquen, SAA Jun Bondoc, Rtn Lani Fabi, Rtn Baby Kaur, PN Uwe Koeller, Rtn Gary Lo Ang, Sec Atom Mendalla & Rtn Pam Perkins

May 22        Cluster Dance Practice attended by Pres Flo Bayquen, EIC Mark Flores, RA Gail Flores, PN Uwe Koeller, Sec Atom Mendalla, Rtn Pam Perkins & Rtn Jen Soriano


Registration Fees & Deadlines :

  1. June 9, 2012 Year End review, CSI Stadia, Dagupan – P1,200 pre-reg (until May 31) and P2,000 onsite
  2. June 30, 2012 9am MDS Seminar, Ariana Hotel, Paringao, Bauang, La Union –P750 (until May 31) & P950 onsite


Committee meetings & activities Committee/Sub-committee Chairs, please text or email details to me – what, when & who attended – these will be used for the Canao and for the grid of participation.


Attendance Make-ups – please text or send to my email address:; kindly observe the 14 day window (i.e. 14 days before and after the meeting)


  Upcoming Events & Activities 

JUNE                             ROTARY FELLOWSHIP MONTH

June 9                           2pm Year End review at CSI Stadia, Dagupan

June 16                         Club Evaluation

June 23                         Club Year End Awards night at 6pm BCC multi-purpose hall (NO Lunch meeting)

June 28                         Regular Board Meeting

June 30                         Family Day

June 30                         9 am MDS Seminar at Ariana Hotel, Paringao, Bauang La Union


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