President’s Corner – 23 June 2012

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Standing ovation was what our Club Evaluators earned for delivering their very interesting evaluations in last Saturday’s meeting. EIC Mark Flores, our Junior Evaluator delivered a 6-page speech which was prepared only the night before the-day, in contrast to PP Raffy Chan, our Senior Evaluator who prepared his 1-page evaluation for several weeks. Their speeches elicited different reactions, smiles, laughters, frowns, cheers and even tears.

Every year, members look forward to Club Evaluations. This is when a relatively new member and an older member express their thoughts, views and opinions, objectively or may be, subjectively, of how the club’s leadership and membership carried the Rotary Year. With no biases, this was the most interesting…no sugar coating….Semantics may cause discussion but well….it’s understandable.

Thank you, Evaluators for being part of the challenging history of the Changemakers’ Year!


The other week, District 3790 through Gov. Digna Ragasa and the Awards Committee recognized the deserving clubs and individuals of their worthy accomplishments. Humbly and proudly, the Rotary Club of Baguio received the awards. As inculcated in our minds and this may sound a cliche, Awards are only consequences of hard work and dedication. This is not a contest. What really matters most is the service we gave to our community and having enjoyed the process of delivering them.

Some members would say that it is enough that they are recognized with two beautiful words “thank you” or a warm handshake and embrace but leaders say NO. It’s a good feeling to once in a while see a monument of what we have accomplished, simple that mattered or exemplary.

Tonight, we recognize the men and women of this club and those who helped complete the Service Team. We could have not delivered all without our Partners-In-Service. The Rotary Club of Baguio is blessed we have more working hands and beautiful hearts who have collaborated with us.

I would like to thank our very efficient Club Secretary, Atom Mendalla for providing me all the data she has compiled all these months of all the participations of each one of us this Rotary Year. The thickness of the file showed how much Rotarians of this club worked and cooperated. Truly amazing!

I am also glad that I walked with you in the process and able to see who were the most exemplary. Although, big or small, I truly appreciate, from the bottom of my heart, every effort you have contributed to our success.

Allow me also to profusely thank our dear Governor for her unending support. She was always there for everyone in the District.  She was a hands-on Mother to all of us, making sure that everything is great. Her passion is simply contagious. You will always be in our hearts, Governor Digna!

And definitely, my sweetest thanks to my beloved husband, Joseph for all the support he has given me, quietly but very sincerely, so as not to be tagged as a stage-husband and to my children Meg, Nuni & Tatin, who despite the distance always cared to ask “How is Rotary, Mom?” and Meg, “Do you still need chocolates to share with them?” and Tatin “ How are the kids in Lucnab? And Nuni “Are you tired, Mom?”…..I’m so proud to be tremendously BLESSED!

Let’s enjoy the evening like you are in a glamorous Awards Night in Hollywood. It just takes a lot of good imagination! Who could you be?…….

My love to you all!

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