President’s Corner – 19 May 2012

It’s so good to be home! Sure, we enjoyed our trip but reality says home is where the heart is.

With more than 40,000 delegates and definitely, a big success, every corner of the Impact, the convention site was packed. It was not easy to find someone we know. We were not so lucky to catch the highlight of the Opening which was the presence of the Princess of Thailand. We were, however, able to watch a videotape of her address in the second opening where we were assigned to attend. With so huge a hall, you can actually see the big stage and the program participants only on the big screen. Our delegation consisted of PE Libby Fernandez, PN Uwe & Ann Sally Koeller,  IPP Ben & RAPP Cely Ladilad, Sec. Atom Mendalla, Treas. David Rees, Dir. Gigi Maranan, Dir. Chris & RAPP Yolly Faelnar, Rtn. Yam Rodriguez and Rtn. Jo Ursua. We heard Rtn. Cecil Apostol was there but joined her family. The Rotary Club of Baguio was well represented. My heartfelt thanks to all of you!

To me, the most important part of the convention was meeting Rotarians from all over the world and being able to fellowship with them. Greetings and handshakes started at the airport and then at the hotel, convention site and even in shopping areas and tourist spots of Bangkok.

We had the opportunity of exchanging cards and bannerettes with some clubs which will lead to forging of sisterhood agreements in the future. The Rotary Club of Edmonton, Canada will expect a communication from us. Likewise, the other clubs we have met.

The gigantic hall was almost empty during the Closing Ceremonies. Those who were no longer present missed the presentation of Incoming RI President Sakuji Tanaka and his Family, the Speeches of the very eloquent Outgoing RI President Kalyan Banergee and of course, the witty Pres. Sakuji Tanaka. It was also a delight to watch the entertainers, most specially the Bollywood entertainers, who we would assume, were representative of the Outgoing President’s Modern Indian Cultural Entertainment.

Bangkok was fun and easy! Despite the distance of our hotel to the center of Bangkok and the language barrier, we managed to move around easily. Thanks to the group’s good organizational skills. Imagine, the taxi drivers finding our hotel strange and no trace of English. The polite Thais, the food and everything-cheap-shopping goods made up for all the hassles we have encountered and of course, the great company of our very own Rotarians. Every minute was absolutely fun!

The group also managed to do a side-trip to Cambodia with our Governor Digna, members of RC Vigan and RC Calasiao. We considered it a Mother-Daughter Club Bonding. We were quite sad with the sight of a real third world country when we entered the border but the feeling was replaced when we finally saw Angkor Wat and Thom. What a beauty! It was a tiring long day but the experience of seeing these wonderful sights made up for it. Governor Digna was more than an inspiration for her patience and cheerfulness. If you do not see her on a wheelchair, you won’t know she has a medical condition. That’s what you say, life must go on. How inspiring!


I would like to thank all those who have confirmed their attendance to the Year-End Review on June 9, 2012 at the CSI Stadia in Dagupan. We have 23 Rotarian-attendees, so far. If you still wish to attend, kindly inform Sec. Atom so you can be included in the Pre-Registration which has a deadline on May 29. Take the opportunity to attend this last District Event of Rotary Year 2011-2012.

Big thanks to those who joined the dance presentation of Cluster 1-C. This will add color and fun to the Year End Review.


We only have 6 weeks left for this Rotary Year. The Countdown starts……

I so look forward to the Club Evaluation Day on June 16 and the Awards Night and Turn-Over on June 23.


“Touching other’s life is living in a meaningful and beautiful world. Nothing is more important than being the source of GOD’s LOVE.”

A Blessed Weekend, Everyone!

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