President’s Corner – 16 June 2012

Today is Evaluation Day! Let us listen to the two gentlemen Rotarians, one an older member of the club and the other a relatively new member of the club. I’m sure they will make this meeting an interesting one.

I personally chose the two, not because I expect them to say only good things about the club but because I know they will give their objective evaluation. PP Raffy is known for being very structured to the point of being tagged as “O-C” (joke lang, PP Raf…) and has been very much involved in major projects of the club this Rotary Year. EIC Mark, as we all know, is a new member but has contributed tremendously to the success of the club. Thank you, PP Raffy & EIC Mark for accepting the task.


37 Club and Individual Awards for the Rotary Club of Baguio! It was overwhelming! We were overjoyed!  As I would always say, our club is not “award-conscious”. We just work to SERVE and ENJOY the process but let’s face it, the awards is a consequence of hard-work and dedication. Let me borrow the tag-line of my company which is: “Our Record Speaks”. Our records did!

There to proudly receive the awards during the Year-End Review on June 9 at the CSI Stadia in Dagupan were Rtn. Cess Apostol & Spouse Larry, PP Gerard Audineau, PP Veeh Balajo, Dir. Marilyn Barrerdo, SAA Jun Bondoc, PP Raffy Chan & RAPP Josie, Rtn. Lani Fabi, Dir. Chris & RAPP Yolly Faelnar, PE Libby Fernandez, EIC Mark & Ann Abigail, Rtn. Baby Kaur, PN Uwe Koeller, PP Alfred Laygo, Dir. Gigi Maranan, Sec. Atom Mendalla, PP Roger Naz, Rtn. Pam Perkins, Rtn. Yam Rodriguez, PP Bert Talco, DGN Linda Winter, Rtn. Gary Lo-Ang,  Rtn. Jen Soriano, Rtn. Karl Flore, myself and my dear Spouse Joseph. (This is why we had to cancel our regular meeting on that day.)

The awards belong to the Rotary Club of Baguio but let me thank everyone who really did their part. We will have our Recognition Night next Saturday, June 23, 6pm at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Baguio Country Club. Please be there with your Spouse and the rest of your family. Our dear Governor Digna Ragasa and our Partners-In-Service will also be joining us in this evening. Let us make it memorable with all your presence.

Please wear the white shirt with a heart for our club photo. Same goes to the Rotary Anns/Spouses.


On the lighter side of the Year-End Review, Cluster 1-C presented a very entertaining song-and-dance number to the delight of District 3790. Fortunately, most of the participants were members of the Rotary Club of Baguio. I’m so proud to show how well-rounded our members are. They are Dir. Marilyn Barredo, SAA Jun Bondoc, Rtn. Lani Fabi, EIC Mark & Ann Abigail Flores, Rtn. Baby Kaur, PN Uwe Koeller, Dir. Gigi Maranan, Sec. Atom Mendalla, Rtn. Lo-Ang, Rtn. Jen Soriano and Rtn. Karl Flores.


Last July 1, I had the honor of representing our club in the 93rd Charter Anniversary & Ball of our Mother Club, the Rotary Club of Manila. It was a beautiful experience I shared with our fellow daughter clubs, sister clubs and guests from all over the world of this club. They made sure our club was appropriately introduced, having even mentioned the history of how our club was chartered.

It was also a very productive visit because the clubs we met would like to do Brotherhood & Sisterhood ties with us. I found out that RC Cebu, the next oldest club of the Philippines is not our Brother Club and perhaps, we can do it this time. Invitations came left and right for us to visit their clubs. I hope these will be realized this next Rotary Year or in the next years to come.


2 Saturdays more to go………

“A Blessed Weekend Everyone!”

“Humble work becomes Holy Work when it’s done for God.”


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