My Memories of RCBaguio That Will Last a Lifetime

Part 2 of PP Cy’s Magnum Opus. This one could as well be a counterpoint on the page… Why Join RCBaguio?

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As I look back into the years, specially now while I’m writing this article (with the realization that we will soon be leaving this wonderful city of wonderful people), I come to realize that my real quality friends are mostly, if not all, Rotarians. People who accept and respect you for what you are and will not give you a lot of BS. People who will open up themselves to you and not expect anything in return other than true friendship. People who will go the extra mile for a friend. People who regard materialism as something not in their language and where altruism and benevolence is the name of the game.

Because of this benevolent and altruistic culture in the club, Rotary became a vehicle for me to share. I am not, as I write this article, literally smiling in satisfaction and fulfillment as I reminisce through all the things the club has accomplished for people who needed help in one way or another (through the years I was in the club and, I am sure, in the years to come)… thinking of all the lives we touched where I hope we really made a difference.

In my years with Rotary, I have learned a lot of things. Remember that when I first started attending RCBaguio meetings, I was only 31… while the average age (in the club) then was well over 65! When I first got inducted into the club, I was the youngest member. I was the baby Rotarian both in age and in Rotary tenure. It can therefore be said that it was in Rotary that I “ripened” (so to speak). Here, I learned the true meaning of professionalism, of principles, of fighting for what you believe in, and for what I would like to call “realistic idealism.”

In Rotary, I also got Doctorate courses in Human Relations (you got to deal with people of varied professions, varied upbringing and of course, varied values), Management (how to balance lacking funds and personnel versus a never-ending list of projects), Accounting (how to accomplish a project when the General Fund is already negative in balance), Journalism (how to layout and produce The Canao and Souvenir Program on time with very few articles or materials submitted… all these when there were still no computers!), Speech and Drama (how to talk in front of a group of distinguished people and pretend to be knowledgable when in fact, you’re saying nothing… and how to feel comfortable when doing so) and as what was said recently, McGyvership with no BS, MBA, PhD course or seminar can give you in any school in this whole wide world!

In Rotary, I gained a lot of acquaintances… in far-flung areas. Fine! So what’s the problem? Somehow, this made me squeamish because you always have to behave when in these cities or provinces. You never know when a Rotarian might recognize you. And so, I always behaved… (look who’s talking).

What other things can I say of the Rotary and RCBaguio! Madami pa (so much more) and as most of you know, I can ramble on and on–especially if we’re talking of Rotary and RCBaguio. Pero alam kong by now umaangal na si EIC Flo sa haba ng article na ito (But I know EIC Flo is already complaining because of the length of this article). My computer word count says that there are now 5,253 characters!

Enough to say that I spent the best years of my life with RCBaguio… without regrets… As a matter of fact, bitin pa nga (it has not been enough).

Bing (my spouse) joins me in wishing all of you the best.


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