Good Character – What Is It?

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In the setting of Rotary, the prime general qualification for membership under the RI Standard Club Constitution (which all Rotary clubs are mandated to adhere to), is that a person must be of good character. But what is good character? There has come a need for us at RCBaguio to draw a more concise definition of the term. This article is presented to give a working definition.

The following is actually a re-write of the contents from http://www.scribd.com/doc/5402048/Traits-of-Good-Character. The article has been edited a bit to better contextualize in terms of our Rotary agenda. We thank Scribd for being the “candle-in-the-dark” when an objective definition was needed.

Good character in a person is the sustained manifestation of certain traits and qualities. You are a person of good character if you demonstrate through your words, actions and behavior that you are:

TRUSTWORTHY: Honest, loyal, reliable—your word is your bond. You say–you do. You have the courage to do the right thing. Do not deceive, cheat or steal.

RESPECTFUL: Considerate of others, tolerant of differences; adhere to good manners. You make decisions which manifest your respect for others.

RESPONSIBLE: Consistently capable of self-control; you think before you take action, consider the consequences. You take accountability for actions and do not blame others.

FAIR: You play by the rules, and do not make your own. Open-minded because you do not know everything; and listen to others. You do not take advantage of others, and do not assign blame to others.

CARING: Kind and compassionate. Express gratitude, care about others, forgiving, and help people in need. Do not malign the character and reputation of others.

A GOOD CITIZEN/ROTARIAN: Obedient to established laws, rules and respect authority. You do not question the jurisdiction of our leaders over club matters; instead cooperate towards idealized goals and objectives. You are a good neighbor/member, cooperate with peers as a worthy part of a larger circle.

With the above, it should now be easier for everyone to understand exactly what we expect from Rotarians on the matter of good character.

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  1. avatar PP Doming Valencia says:

    Perfect definition of what GOOD CHARACTER is, PP Raffy. For the benefit of all the members who do not visit the website, maybe you can arrange that the article be published in the Canao-July 7 issue. Considering the agenda lined up in our meeting on that day this will be very timely indeed….

  2. avatar PDG Norma Madayag-Reilly says:

    Would you agree that the “Good character” traits are embodied in the “Four Way Test”? True Rotarians have good character. It is a pleasure visiting your website.

    PDG Norma District 7120 Upstate New York

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