Third Decade

Dr. Fernando “Ding” Bautista, founder of the University of Baguio—a leading educational institution in the city, became president in the ensuing year, 1958‐59. Under his leadership, the club acquired a plentiful stock of flags of various Rotary nations. To his credit also was the success of that year’s District Conference held in Baguio. It was in this eventful conference when the club won the District Governorship for the second time, through the now revered PP Ikong Reyes who would serve Rotary during RY 1960‐61.

In 1959‐60, Jose “Peping” Warren Jr. became club president, during whose term the club first formally celebrated our Charter Anniversary Day. It was also during Pres. Peping’s term when the club acquired a new set of amplifiers and microphones that enhanced club meetings.

Marcelino “Mars” Contemprate next came in as club president for 1960‐61. His stewardship saw the club’s donation of umbrella‐type street lights at the heart of Session Road. The club also sponsored a scholar under the American Field Service Program. Significantly, the term was highlighted by the visit of Justice Malcolm, the club’s charter presenter in 1938, who came with his Ann on a homecoming journey.

Honorio “Honor” Estepa was the club president in 1961‐62, during whose term a Four‐Way‐Test concrete marker was installed at the Governor Pack Road corner. District 385, with which the club was affiliated, awarded the club as having the Best Club President in the District, the honor going to Pres. Honor.

In RY 1962‐63, Dr. Hector “Hec” Lopez a surgeon by profession, served as president. The Club donated funds for the construction of the police substation at Naguilian Road.

For RY 1963‐64, Dr. Carlos “Carling” Santiago Jr. another surgeon, took over the club helm as club president. He was later to become the third District Governor the club would contribute to Rotary. His term was marked by the club’s donation of the funds for the kitchen annex of the Good Shepherd Convent.

The third doctor to become club president in a row was Dr. Ireneo “Ges” Geslani, anesthesiologist and his incumbency was marked, among others, by the scholarship grant at the University of the Philippines College Baguio, which started in 1964‐65.

The following year, 1965‐66, the club had two presidents—Jose “Pepe” del Rosario, who stayed on for a few months and was reassigned to Iligan City, and Arturo “AC” Plata,his vice‐president, took over as a president.

Alfredo “Fred” Benson was the club president in 1966‐67, during whose term the club again hosted a District Conference.

President Carlos “Carl” Paulino took over in 1967‐68, and he continued the clubprojects began by his predecessors.