Sixth Decade

For RY 1988-89, a surgeon and hospital administrator, Dr. Dionisio “Diony” Claridad Jr. served as club President, pursuing with vigor the club projects began the previous year, especially the Polio-Plus program. A feather on the cap of Pres. Diony was the hosting of the District Assembly towards the end of his term.

The following year, 1989-90, a retired government regional director of telecommunications, Engr. Angel “Angel” Ingalla, took over as the head of the club, during which time various club committees were integrated with a greater sense of commitment to pursue club goals, especially community project on water wells.

Succeeding Angel in the next term, (RY 1990-91), was a businessman William “William” Tan, whose stewardship of the club he energetically pursued. Significantly, the 16 July 90 killer quake took place during Pres. William’s tenure, making it an opportunity for the club to redirect efforts and resources towards rehabilitation and reconstruction programs that came about in the aftermath of the disaster. William however died in 24 May 90, in a fatal car accident while enroute with four other Rotarians to the District Assembly then gathering at Angeles City. His vice president, Engr. Cyrus Fagar, took over and served as President until 03 June 90.

For RY 1991-92, a urologist by specialization, Dr. Benito “Benny” Sunga served as club president. His tenure has since been marked with greater involvement in community service activities as well as the pursuance and completion of rehabilitation programs began by his predecessors. With the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, Pres. Benny spearheaded several of relief goods distributions to the affected areas. A health center was likewise erected in Asin during the year.

In 1992-93, when Engr. Cyrus “Cy” Fagar served as president of the club, the Rotary Club of Baguio received an “R.I. Presidential Citation” from the Rotary International President Clifford “Cliff” Dochterman for achieving a well-balanced program on all the avenues of Rotary Service for that year. The citation was the first such award ever received by the club from any R.I. President in its 54 years of existence! In a way, it was the best way to appreciate the club’s performance for the year.

In 1993-94, Pres. Jose “Joe” Taguba’s term was marked with some remarkable accomplishments in the club. He worked on “humanizing” the club by building better interpersonal relationship among club members as a basis for a more active involvement in the community. He also initiated the cleaning and painting of our Rotary pylon in front of BGH with flower plants and concrete seats. The sisterhood relationship with the Rotary Club of Makati was also effected, as well as the adoption of the Baguio Police Market Task Force by the club as our commitment in the peace and order drive of the city. One of more significant happenings in Pres. Joe’s time was the organization of the RCB Chorale, which made its maiden public performance at the Baguio Convention Center during the city’s foundation day celebration.

The 1994-95 RCB president was Robert “Ruel” Baylosis. In his presidency he continued the various projects of the club like the tree planting activities held at the busol water shed; at least 5,000 pine tree seedlings were planted during his term. A monthly medical, dental mission was held at our adopted Baragay of Irisan, especially Cypress Point Village- every first Sunday of the month. The scholarship of a number of students at the high school level, as well as vocational students were continued during his term. The highlight of his term was a fund raising project, wherein a townhouse was raffled. The project was lunched on the early part of July 1994 and the grand draw was held on 17 June 95. The club raised a hundred thousand pesos from this project. President Ruel also represented the club as a voting delegate to the 1995 Rotary International convention held at Nice, France from 10 to 16 of June 1995.

A mining engineer, Dominador “Doming” Valencia served as the 53rd club president for RY 1995-96. Because of his unique motivational approach, his term was marked as one where renewed vigor and enthusiasm were demonstrated by the members as attendance to the lively and interesting club meetings increased significantly. Pres. Doming’s pet project of injecting fresh life blood to the club to make it stronger resulted to a record high 30% membership growth during the year. It was also during this term that the Avenue of Community Service was managed by two service directors to strengthen the club’s capability to pursue the rather ambitious community projects lined up for the year. Notable community projects accomplished included, thirteen medical-dental missions, 5,000 trees planted at the city’s Busol watershed and the establishment of a community library at Cypress Point Village, Barangay Irisan. Capping Pres. Doming’s term was the hosting of PESETS ’96 for District 3790 with the innovative workshop approach. RY 1995-96 has been a fruitful and rewarding year for the club-a year for a strength and growth in membership and in programs and services; these are reflected on the number of citations and awards accorded to the club by our R.I. District.

The following year 1996-97, a hydrologist, Engr. Carlos “Caloy” Mendoza, took over as president of the club, after successfully chairing the 1996-1997 PESETS at the Baguio Country Club wherein a different and innovative approaches were first introduced in the conduct of the seminar for the incoming presidents, secretaries and treasurers. A team from the Ateneo de Manila conducted the workshop, a deviation from usual PDG’s PP’s giving their pointers to the incoming officers on how to manage their respective jobs. Even the District Governor Lut Lao was very impressed at the result of the PESETS ’96. One of the more significant projects under Pres. Caloy was the Kabayao Violin Concert, with the able support of the RCB Chorale. It was the first paid public concert of the RCB Chorale; and it was indeed successful as manifested through the warm and enthusiastic response of the audience with a standing ovation.

RY 1997-98 was led by an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Dr. Vicenia “Veeh” Balajo, the first lady president the club has ever had in its sixty years of existence. Even before the start of her term, the club successfully hosted PESETS ’97 on board Super Ferry 12, the first and only one of its kind ever held in RI District 3790. Aside from the continuing projects and activities of the club, highlights during the year included Rotamilk, Rotatree, Rotablood, three Season Concerts, five new Paul Harris Fellows and one Benefactor, approval of our first Matching Grant application for a Tramline Project in Triple-B, Sablan, Benguet (with RC Matsubase as the sponsoring club), registration for our new Rotary Village Corps in Triple B with R.I., and the very well-organized and very memorable 60th (Diamond) charter anniversary celebration of the Rotary Club of Baguio. It indeed was a very fruitful year, with the club (and some members) garnering more than thirty awards for the year, including Most Outstanding Club Award, Outstanding Club President Award, Governatorial Citation, and RI Presidential Citation.