Seventh Decade

Rotary year 1998-99 was led by Engr. Rene “Rene” Ronquillo. During his term, seven Rotarians traveled to Japan to attend the anniversary celebration of our sister club, RC Matsubase. They proceeded to Tokyo to attend a regular meeting of another sister club, RC Tokyo Josai, wherein a bigger donation for the Baguio scholarship fund was granted.

RY 1999-2000 was headed by Loreto “Lito” Pangilinan. During Lito’s incumbency, all avenues of service received the governor’s award of excellence for exemplary performance in the implementation of RI that year’s goals & objectives; most outstanding club in Area 1 and Rotary 2000 Presidential Citation Award by the RI President. The club bulletin won second place for the most ideal club bulletin. The club also continued traditional projects like donation of books to different schools, medical missions & scholarship grants.

In RY 2000-01, RCB was led by Erlindo “Earl” Tesoro. After a long search for the right venue, it was in Earl’s term where regular meeting of the club was permanently transferred to the Baguio Country Club. Under his leadership, two RCB toilet projects were completed for Quezon Elementary School; five delegates of RCB witnessed the Asian Presidential Conference held in Manila; and the signing of a brotherhood agreement with RC Mutya ng Pasig were just some of the significant events for this Rotary year.

“Mankind is Our Business” Rotary Year 2001-02, had a doctor-surgeon as RCB’s President- Dr. Alfredo “ Alfred” Laygo. Formation of our newest daughter club, RC Baguio Sunrise, hosting by the club of RYLA 2002, District Golf Tournament fundraising, a Halloween Dance Party, out-of-venue meeting at MOOG Controls Corporation, hosting of GSE Team from District 5810 Northeast Texas, vocational awards and maintenance of RCB Scholars, Medical and Dental missions kept all members of RCB busy during President Alfred’s term. A total of ten well-deserved district awards were awarded to RCB including Outstanding Club and Outstanding Club President Awards.

Year 2002-03 had “Sow the Seeds of Love” as Rotary theme, with a Thai Rotary International President in the person of Bichai Rattakul, and Dr. Horatio Christopher “Chris”Peralta, as President of Rotary Club of Baguio. A diabetologist by profession, the term of term Pres. Chris had 56 members (6 new members inducted), with an annual average attendance of 89%. Fellowship and camaraderie were high on the year’s agenda, with the club also seeing two long-time members pass away. Highlights of the term saw construction of six toilets for public elementary schools funded by a Matching Grant with RC Matsubase, a solar cooker project in Sablan, seven medical dental and legal missions serving 2,589 patients with the help of our Rotaract Clubs of SLU Medicine and UB Dentistry, and the Rotary Anns of RC Baguio. We supported 27 RC Baguio scholars including eight UP Baguio scholars, did Eco- Treks in Dalupirip and Sablan, sponsored an Interact Club in Dalupirip, and conducted six health awareness lectures. The club also hosted a GSE Team from Newcastle, Australia (District 9670) in April of 2003. The year culminated in seven Awards received by the club including “2003 RI Presidential Citation Award”, “Outstanding Club in District 3790”, & “Outstanding Club President Award” for Pres. Chris.

Rotary Year 2003-04 “Lend a Hand” saw President Linda “Linda” Winter lead the Rotary Club of Baguio. She wanted her term to be remembered as “colorful”one, in a year full of compassion, controversies and challenges. It was also a year full of strength and action. The yearly attendance average was at a 89 % high and a 64 – member roster, an all time high for the club. Sending of Rotakid Marjorie “Meg” Bayquen to the Foreign Youth Study Exchange in Thailand, citywide cleanup Drive, Blood Typing and Blood Pressure taking at Malcolm Square, Recognition of five Most Outstanding Government Employees of the City of Baguio, six medical missions, hosting of GSE from District 4490 North East Brazil, “Divine Diva Live” a ZsaZsa Padilla fund raising Concert of RCB were highlights of RY 2003-04. Thirteen Awards were received by RC Baguio under President Linda’s term, including Top Club in contributions to Rotary Foundation, Outstanding Club Award, and Outstanding Club President for Pres. Linda.

Rotary Year “Celebrate Rotary” 2004-05 was a “German year” for RC Baguio. With Helmut “Helmut” Schlaaff as President. Fellowship was empathized with Pres. Helmut’s perennial “Are You Happy?” question coming from the rostrum. Activities included participation in the First Asia Pacific Rotaract Conference in HongKong (by Rotakid Margot Schlaaff) in August 2004, Micro Financing in Luding Tuba, Marcos Highway, GSE Team hosting, Joint Clean-up Drive, Medical and Dental Missions, Vitamin A supplementation and Nutritional Awareness program, the successful hosting of RYLA 2005. Nine awards were received by Pres. Helmut (Outstanding President) and RCB (Outstanding Club) at the end of 2004-05.

President Terrence Michael “Mike” Pearson’s Rotary Year 2005-06 with “Service Above Self” theme, saw a major focus on club fellowship enhancement, to better accomplish projects and at the same time, to have fun. Pres. Mike also brought back “proper attire” during meetings of his presidency, requesting Rotarians to come in proper uniform of either coat and tie or Rotary barong, especially if one is a participant at the head table. His “Team 101” also concentrated all project efforts in our adopted Barangay Luding, (Tuba, Marcos Highway), that included a water system feasibility study and improved sanitation projects, literacy and day care (Virginia Oteyza de Guia Day Care Centre in Luding was inaugurated) programs, a composting and an integrated pest control project with the help of DOST, a Rotary Community Corps (RCC) organization, a school feeding program and micro-financing projects. Medical Missions, refurbishing of Rotary Marker at BGH rotunda, scholarships, participation in the Second Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference in Taipei, Taiwan (Aug 2005), six Toasts of Fellowship (to RC Mougins, RC Cannes, RC Cannes Le Canet, RC Albuquerque, RC of South Oklahoma City, RC Fair Oaks, California). Induction of Phases Interact Club, District Sportsfest in Baguio, Career Guidance seminars, hosting of two GSE Teams from District 550, Arizona and GSE District 6290, Michigan & Ontario were some of the activities of Pres. Mike Pearson’s term. Eight Awards were received during Year- End Ceremonies including Outstanding President for Pres. Mike and Outstanding Club in the District. Outstanding Secretary and Outstanding Club Bulletin were also announced for RC Baguio.

For “Lead the Way” Rotary Year, RC Baguio had a distinguished Frenchman in the person of Gérard “Gérard” Audineau (native of Cannes, in Southern France) as Club President for Year 2006-07. Three matching grants were pursued/granted: the first, a feeding program under a matching grant between our District 3790 and District 6060 USA; second, the purchase of a Braille embosser through a matching grant between the Rotary Club of Baguio and the Rotary Club of Cheonju Central in Korea; and third, the construction of a water distribution system project under a matching grant between the Rotary Club of Baguio and the Rotary Club of Cannes, Côte d’Azur, France. These projects were the “piece de résistance” of Rotary Year 2006-07, with educational scholarships, medical missions, GSE Team hosting from District 9500- South Australia, Youth projects, RYLA participation, a fundraising Golf Tournament, vocational awards, Rotary markers, farm to market roads as minor projects. RC Baguio also showed strong support to The Rotary Foundation. The Year End Review saw Pres. Gerard walk away with eight district Awards, including Significant Achievement Award from RI President Bill Boyd for Outstanding Project in RI, top Club for Rotary Foundation contributions, Outstanding Club and Most Outstanding Club President recognitions.

Arch. Rafael “Raffy” Chan had the honor of being the sixty‐fifth RCB president on the historic RY of 2007‐08 which marked the initial implementation of the R.I. Club Leadership Plan (CLP) within the club; when the world‐wide motto was “Rotary shares.” It was a year filled with a number of firsts and many innovations. That year, the RCB logo, which PP Raffy created in RY 2005‐06, was given its 3‐D bevel. For the first time, the Cañao was printed in full‐color; albeit only for its front and rear covers; with the internal pages in a choice hue that changed each quarter. Some of the notables for the year: institutionalization of RCB Best Practice Procedures for Club Operation, printing/use of the New RCB Recruitment Paraphernalia, printing/use of the New RCB Educational Paraphernalia, institutionalization of the quarterly RCB Grand Fellowships, donation of 30 computers thru a matching grant (10 to SPED, 10 to Poyopoy Elementary School and 10 to Taloy Sur Elementary School), six medical missions serving a total of 2,052 patients, and first implementation of the RCB Ten Outstanding Young Athletes (TOYA) Awards. Other accomplishments included: several Toasts of Fellowship (Salute) for international clubs, publication of the Fourth Edition of the RCB Member’s Handbook, and distribution of over a thousand complimentary city maps (with RCB history and Four‐Way‐Test) to city visitors as part of our public outreach. CD‐Galore: E‐Learning, RCB Grand Fellowships, First Semester and Year‐ End Report‐‐ CDs were given to all members. The numerous accomplishments of the RCB members for the year were recognized with over twenty accolades from RI, the district, and cluster‐ including: Most Outstanding Club Award, Outstanding Club President Award, Top Club Awards in all Avenues of Service, Outstanding Club Bulletin Award. Pres. Raffy hopes for RY 2007‐08 to be always fondly remembered as “The Classical Year” of RCB.