Second Decade

The next club president was Elmer “EW” Herold, an American old‐timer and a successful lumber executive. Pres. EW and his charming Rotary Ann spent the best years of their lives in this country, and both were widely known for active leadership in civic and social welfare work. Significantly, Pres. EW was one of the original RCB charter members.

Benjamin “Ben” Salvosa then took over the reins for the ensuing year, 1949‐ 50. A noted schoolmaster, an outstanding scholar and a very effective public speaker with a prolific pen, he earned for the club much honor and praise through his “Rotarily Yours” and ‘Educationally Yours” columns, and through his public speaking tours here and abroad. His term was also marked by an emphasis on youth development. It was also during Pres. Ben’s incumbency when the club initiated a significant community service project— a goat farm, which enabled poor but deserving students to work and pay their way through their respective educational endeavors. It won for the club the Governor’s Citation for Community Service.

The year 1950‐51 was a vintage year for the club. For the second time, the club hosted the District Conference, winning further plaudits for the Baguio Rotarians. The club president during this eventful year was Delfin ‘Del” Sian, a former head instructor of the Department of Military Law at the Philippine Military Academy.

Atty. Francisco “Ikong” Reyes next took over in 1951‐1952, and with him at the helm, club fellowship became even more cordial and lively. Due to Pres. Ikong’s earnest and dedication as a true Rotarian, the club was able to contribute sorely wanted playground equipment to some eight elementary schools in the city, and another set of playing implements at Burnham Park. The Club won the Youth Service award from the District Governor during Pres. Ikong’s incumbency. A legal luminary, Pres. Ikong has been widely regarded as sharp, witty, always ready, willing and able; qualities that easily made him the most respected and endearing Past District Governor to this day. It was in the Iloilo District Conference when PP Ikong won the fellowship award (as singing sensation) in the most unmelodious way ever heard that side of heaven.

In Rotary Year 1952‐53, Joseph “Joe” Peterson took over. A mining executive, quiet and serious, Pres. Joe was never found wanting in fellowship, despite his reserved ways. He is remembered by his contemporaries for having been able to get things done promptly and rightly. He is further noted to have been the “anecdotal” club president, regaling the members with anecdote after anecdote before adjourning the club’s meeting.

Engr. Victor “Vic” de Guia, as the next club president (1953‐54), rode on the theme— Victory Guide. A 100 percenter at that, Pres.Vic has remained loyal to his Rotary pledge, never missing a single meeting. An earnest worker, silent, unassuming and usually tolerant, Pres. Vic never seemed to have had anything unnerve him, continually eliciting the praise of his fellow Rotarians. It was also during his term when the club hosted for the third time a District Conference, proving anew the organizational excellence of the Baguio Rotarians.

Leading the club in 1954‐55 was Judge Feliciano “Ciano” Belmonte, the uncompromising prosecutor of evil and wrongdoing in the Mountain Province. Pres. Ciano was never caught unaware, always exuding self assurance and alertness under fire with an optimistic outlook on everything. Under his guidance, the whole club closely worked with one another as a team. It was in his term when the club donated twenty cement benches for the city and had these installed at the Burnham Park.

Directing the course of the club in 1955‐56 was another truly active Rotarian, Dr. Ernesto “Abe” Abellera, concededly one of the few top rank practitioners in Baguio until his demise in 1987. He painstakingly devoted much of his talent and time in all phases of Rotary work. An Academician, a writer of no mean ability, and a tireless man, Pres. Abe epitomized what a dedicated Rotarian is, serving as a worthy example to younger Rotarians. Of his projects, the most laudable were the blood typing of potential donors in the city and the donation of books to the Baguio City High School Library. Pres. Abe is also credited with having managed one of the most successful District Conferences ever held in Baguio and in the Philippine District.

In 1956‐57, Ireneo “Santy” Santos assumed the club presidency and his term was credited for the imposing pylon and fountain installed at the entrance to the city proper (fronting the Baguio General Hospital).

The next year, 1957‐58, Dr. Justo “JR” Rosales took over as club president, and his incumbency is remembered for the donation of a basketball court (equipment and all) to the city.