Fourth Decade

In 1968-1969, Bill “Bill” Keller assumed the presidency, followed by president Antonio “Tony” Romero in 1969-70, whose term was marked by the continuation of the scholarship grants started by the club and adoption of the pre-school class at Irisan, an outskirt area of Baguio.

President Gelacio “Moon” Munsayac took over in 1970-71, and the club hosted anew the District Conference, another accolade earned deservingly by the club.

Atty. Teopisto “Teop” Rondez came in next as club president, serving in RY 1971-72.

The crisis club president may well be Jack “Jack” Gesner who served for RY 1972-73 during which year saw the big floods that hit the country and the subsequent declaration of martial law. Projects adopted during his term were the reclamation of the City Camp Lagoon and the establishment of the pre-school class at the Department of Social Welfare and the continuation of the pre-school class at Irisan.

In 1973-74, the club president was Juan “Johnny” Zarate Jr., during whose incumbency, more scholarship grants were awarded to poor but deserving students. It was also during this time that the club extended valuable assistance for the Diocesan Adult Center.

Fiscal Angel “Angel” Sangalang came in next as club president, and his outstanding thrust was increased assistance to the city’s out-of-school youth for RY 1974-75.

Atty. Galo “Galo” Reyes headed the club in the ensuing year- 1975-76, and he continued the scholarship programs being administered by the club. Likewise he inaugurated a new project for the club: the Special Education Center, an educational institution for handicapped children. The City Camp Lagoon area was also further assisted in his term.

For RY 1976-77, Arch. Rosendo “Silver” Silvestre served as club president; and he also continued the club projects started by his predecessors.

For RY 1977-78, the club had an educator club president, Dr. Jesus “Jerry” Salvosa. It was during his term when the club’s 40th anniversary Trust Fund was established from proceeds earned by the club during the year. The fund was held in trust and its annual interest yield supported the club’s various civic and community service projects. It was also in Pres. Jerry’s term when the club returned to its old home, the Pines Hotel, until 1984, when the hotel burned down which necessitated the club’s transfer to Casa Vallejo.