Fifth Decade

On the Club’s 41st year, RY 1978-79, the club president was Dr. Sabino “Ben” Macaltao, whose main thrust was community service though the establishments of more scholarships, specially at the college level. In that year alone, about fifteen scholars were sent to college under the Sixto Gaerlan and Juan P. Garcia Scholarship Programs which the club administered until 1987. In the medical front, the club also figured prominently through its medical outreach program that included free operation for financially handicapped children stricken with polio, cleft lip and cleft palate.

In 1979-80, an American Baptist Minister was elected club president, Wayne “Wayne” Gresham; and it was during his incumbency when the club romped off with the major prizes in the (then District 380) Mini-Olympics held at Tarlac.

In 1980-81, a civil engineer was elected, Freddie “Freddie” Gonzalez, the youngest chief executive the club has ever had. During his term, the club hosted the 1981 District Assembly and figured in various socio-civic activities for Baguio’s youth. Seminars were conducted on crime prevention and juvenile delinquency. It was also during Pres. Freddie’s term when the Baguio Scholarship Foundation, a WCS project funded by Japanese Rotary Clubs, was established; making possible since then the education of financially needy students in the city every year until present time.

A mining executive, Lawrence “Larry” Martin, succeeded Freddie the following year, for RY 1981-82; and his term was characterized by increased club activities in the Four Avenues of Service. A cultural concert featuring Russian violinist Vladimir Spivakov was held at the famed Baguio Convention Center in December 1981, memorably one of the best cultural events the city has ever had. It was also during Pres.Larry’s term when the club sent an exchange visit delegation to Tokyo , in reciprocity to the annual Japanese Rotarians’ visit to the club.

For 1982-83, educational store executive Marcos “Ben” Cid served as club president, and his incumbency saw the election of Dr. Carlos “Carling” Santiago Jr. as District Governor to serve in RY 1984-85 for the then new Philippine Rotary District 379. Pres. Ben is remembered for the increased club activities during his term, especially the club’s chairmanship of the annual Alay Lakad project of the Department of Social Services and Development.

For RY 1983-84, a banker took over the club’s helm, Roberto “Bobby” Santos. Witty and always a source of comfort, Pres. Bobby served his term under most traumatic conditions— economic difficulties that began afflicting the country triggered by the assassination of Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr.

The ensuing year, RY 1984-85, the club president was another mining executive, Ernesto “Ernie” Dy-liaco, under whose term the incumbency of District Governor Carlos “Carling” Santiago Jr. took place. The club also hosted, with RC Pasig South, the joint District 380- 379 Conference held in Baguio. It was this club project, among others, which occupied the club’s attention in view of the significance of the event. The other regular club functions were handled just as efficiently.

The year 1985-86 was marked by another political upheaval, coming at a time of great ferment. This was the term of Atty. Emiliano “Emil” Gayo, whose term was marked by the successful implementation of club’s projects. However, some club projects were stalled due to financial constraints occasioned by the peso devaluation. To augment club income, the club bulletin generated advertising support from Friends of Rotary; proceeds from which were used for community service programs.

An architect-educator, Arch. Rogelio “Roger” Naz, served as club president the following year, RY 1986-87, with an enthusiasm matched only by spirit of camaraderie demonstrated by the members. The Friends of Rotary section in the club bulletin was strengthened with the successful enlistment of more business advertisers. Community Service projects were initiated at practically all levels of involvement.

For RY 1987-88, the club marked the term as the Golden Jubilee Year, setting up the various preparations geared for the 21 February 88- Fiftieth Charter Anniversary Celebration. A public relations specialist, Josefino “Noli” Balatero, was elected club president for this significant term, under whose shoulders (as well as the club membership’s)-the various commemorative programs were set into motion, culminating in the Thanksgiving Dinner and Fellowship Night set on the same day the club was chartered—fifty years to date.