Eighth Decade


Rotary Year 2008‐2009 was led by Pres. Alberto “Bert” Talco with the theme “Make Dreams Real”. Under the principle of continuity, this term earnestly pursued all the plans and goals laid down the previous term. Medical missions, advocacies, fundraising efforts were widely participated by the membership. A $1000 District Grant for the two (2) Cluster 1‐C medical missions was done at the Baguio Convention Center and at the Grifiths Theatre, Brent School, Baguio City. During this term, the Club received the R.I. Four Avenues of Service Award through PP Linda Winter, the awardee. Seven (7) employees of the Baguio Country Club were awarded under the Vocational Awards. Through the Adopt‐a‐ School Program, the club adopted Poyopoy Elementary School and Taloy Sur Elemetary School. To make the donations truly beneficial to the pupils, the Club organized computer training programs for them. For the community program, the Poyopoy Elementary School Water Project was finally completed. This project was able to provide fresh drinking water to the pupils in school. For the livelihood project, the Luding Tramline project was finished and the farmers were able to minimize the cost of transport of their produce from the farms to the main highway. For maximum farm production, the same farmers were beneficiaries of micro‐financing for their fertilizers and farm needs. The 3‐H grant feasibility study was done on Spirulina Farming through the Committee headed by PP Gerard Audineau. The Club sponsored one outbound GSE (cultural) candidate through PP Linda Winter. Likewise, the club sponsored a Peace and Conflict Resolution Candidate in the person of Captain Edgar I. Catu, through PP Linda Winter. The Club joined the Rotary Caravan, joined the Earth Day Parade, participated in the weekly television, “Rotary In Motion”. Likewise, the club signed three (3) sisterhood ties, 1) RC Matsubase, District 2719 2) Rotary of Tokyo and 3) RC Mougins, District 1730 (Renewal).

Under Pres. Mia Joy “Mia” Cawed, The RI theme for the year was “The Future of Rotary Is In Your Hands.” During this term, the Service Project was divided into two subcommittees a) International and Vocational Service b) Community and Youth Service. The administration’s goal was “To make RCB the only choice for future Rotarians in Baguio”. The official home of the Club was moved to DOST Building at Governor Pack Road, Baguio City, compliments of PN Ben Ladilad. This time was the unfortunate onset of super typhoons Pepeng and Ondoy where many died and rendered homeless. For the communities, microcredit was extended to RCC Luding, benefiting 30 families who were victims of the typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. Likewise, many communities were beneficiaries of continuous relief donations and medical missions. This was the opportune time for the introduction by Rl of the famous and newly invented shelter box. This conceptualized a complete home which became the home of many victims for several months. This was earnestly introduced by PDG Jess Nicdao and Cluster 1‐C. Vocational Awards were given to five outstanding employees of the Department of Social Welfare, Baguio City. For Matching Grant, the Club initiated the Rotary Mobile Health Clinic, a joint project with Rotary Club of Honolulu, Child and Family Service and Consuelo Foundation. Likewise, another project was the matching grant for the Hearing and Visually Impaired Program. This was also the year for Baguio City Centennial and with the City’s celebration; the Rotary Club of Baguio was awarded Baguio Builders Award under the category of civic organization.

Rotary Year 2010‐2011 was headed by Pres. Ben”Ben” Ladilad wherein the Rotary Theme for this year was “Building Communities Bridging Continents”. This year marked a dramatic growth in the Club especially in terms of membership. Once again, RCB became a Golden Club! Fourteen (14) new members were inducted for the year, who actively participated in the Club, Cluster and District Affairs. Sisterhood agreements were forged with RC Laoag, RC Makati Sport Club and RC Malolos. Internationally, the Club entered into a sisterhood agreement with the Rotary Club of Claire, South Australia. Under the matching grant, the Club facilitated to equip the Mobile Health Clinic with medical equipment and ultrasound machine. The machine grant for Ceramic Water filters is initiated for the benefit of many families. Additionally, the matching grant for the hearing and visually impaired project took a leap and benefited many children with disabilities in the region. For the RCC, the Club conducted computer tutorials for teachers, constructed tramline cables and provided micro‐financing for the farmers of Luding, Tuba, Benguet. For the young people the Club donated books and sports equipment and materials to the pupils of Taloy Elementary School. RCB also took the initiative to spray mosquitoes in several schools to fight dengue with the use of environmental friendly materials. Through Club PR committee, RCB opened a Facebook Account which aimed at fostering brotherhood in a global scale. PR, likewise, opened a website. Finally, members of the Club joined in the Celebration of International Day of Peace.

Ms. Florence “Flo” Bayquen is RCB president number sixty-nine, for RY 2011-2012, which marks a super-active year for our members; when the world-wide motto was “Reach Within To Embrace Humanity.” Pres. Flo hopes for her term to be remembered as a year that challenged our members to step forward and make good on their commitment to serve.

RCB history continues to be made by the “Mother Club” of R.I. District 3790 as we gaze further towards the horizon, to many more years of sustained service to the community.