Our Logo

Official RCB logo


Our club logo is a composite of the letters r, c & B joined into a continuous ring– symbolic of the club members’ willingness to join hands in community service. Over-all cardiode-heart shape connotes that our members serve from the heart. The four quadrant elements (now 3D beveled) also signify Rotary’s Four‐Way Test and our members’ commitment to it.

Our charter year of 1938 is the mid‐focal point of the logo to emphasize our early beginning and continuing dedication to Service Above Self .

The logo-text for the club clarifies exactly how portions of our emblem should be visualized: that the top left quadrant is a lower-case R, the lower left quadrant is a lower-case C, and the right-hand side elements form an upper-case B. This is the idealized manner of presentation for the text of the RCB name.

The RCB logo was created in 2005 by PP Raffy Chan. It was given its 3D‐bevel in 2007.