Daughter Clubs

To date, the Rotary Club of Baguio has been instrumental in the creation of six new Rotary clubs within our district. Even as a newly formed club (in 1938), our leaders have known the wisdom of sharing the fellowship and goodwill to our adjoining areas. This legacy has been continued over all these years as we respond to the challenge of doing more in the interest of public service.

We are the proud “mother club” of the following important Rotary clubs:

Rotary Club of Dagupan
Chartered in 1938

Rotary Club of Vigan
Chartered in 1950

Rotary Club of Baguio North
Chartered in 1975

Rotary Club of Baguio South
Chartered in 1982

Rotary Club of La Trinidad
Chartered in 1991

Rotary Club of Baguio Sunrise
Chartered in 2002