Club Motto

Our club motto is:
Respice, adspice, prospice.


Above is Latin which literally means: Examine the past, examine the present, examine the future. It also means: look to the past, the present, and the future.

We are the members of the Rotary Club of Baguio (RCBaguio), the Mother Club of the District (RI District 3790), proud of the traditions passed on to us by our Rotary forebears, which have been preserved from our rich and glorious PAST.

To this day, these traditions have been continued and, when appropriate, transformed as they would best function in our PRESENT Commitment to Serve.

We likewise proudly and continually look forward to the FUTURE, carefully steering ourselves toward where we could best serve our community, our country, our world.

As a group of committed leaders, we never forget to meld into our Commitment to Serve: the lessons of the PAST, the wisdom of the PRESENT and our dynamism towards the FUTURE.

(Instituted in RY 2007‐08)